Good days : Colour of the North

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 Gooddays: The Colour of the North

Size : 20.5 x 26.5 cm

74 pages full Colour

This book "Gooddays: The Colour of the North" follows an opportunity to live in the north of Thailand. Northern Thailand, for me, is fascinating. The slow, and relaxed, pace of life lends itself to an appreciation of nature: the mountains, the trees, the birds, and the produce. I would always think to myself “If I lived in the north, how would it be?”, and 2019 was the year that I was going to find out. Unfortunately 2019 also brought with it COVID, and COVID brought disruption. Looking back on this period of my life, I can see that I spent my days going through various negative emotions: I would stress when going outside the house, I would feel sadness when listening to the news, and I would worry about spreading COVID to my family and others. I had to learn that I could find happiness in any situation, and that I need to be able to allow myself to embrace that. I left northern Thailand with an understanding that I would like to live my life with simplicity, and through simplicity allow Good Days