Mixed media Illustration by Auracherrybag. People are walking along a green spiral towards a nest that contains eggs. A phoenix is seen flying from the nest
A mixed media illustration by Auracherrybag that contains a phoenix moving across a white background. A chicken is at the bottom of the page above which is the word 'Hello'

Auracherrybag is a mixed media artist who enjoys working with acrylic colours and paper collage. She is currently living in Northeastern Thailand

Mixed media illustration by artist Auracherrybag. Four women at sitting on a blue bench wearing blue tops. There are some fruit and a branch of leaves arching over them
Mixed media illustration by Auracherrybag. The sun has a smile and is surrounded by two women. One is running, and the other is sitting inside a vase
Mixed media illustration by Auracherrybag. A line of women of different ages and dress are standing in different poses.
Mixed media illustration by Auracherrybag containing a blue and brown corner shop. People are walking by on the road outside, as well as a dog. The logo says 'click to shop'

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